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With over thirty years focused exclusively on personal injury law in Nevada, Eric H. Woods has an enviable history of recovering significant financial compensation for his clients. If you’ve been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, such as in a taxi cab accident or a motorcycle accident you are entitled to financial compensation. After you’ve been injured, whether it’s in an auto accident, truck accident, a workplace injury, or your family has suffered the wrongful death of a loved one, Eric understands that one of the most difficult decisions you will make is regarding an attorney to represent your interests.

Your choice of the right attorney to represent your interests and enforce your rights will put you on the path to prompt and fair financial resolution of your claim.

From the moment that Eric Woods starts handling an injury claim he is looking to make sure that his client receives the medical attention that is required, and that the injuries are being documented properly so that an insurance company or jury will appreciate the merit of the claim and the degree of seriousness of the injuries. While a case may appear straight forward, it’s common for insurance companies to put obstacles in the way of a simple and reasonable settlement. Eric Woods knows how to move your case past the obstacles and to a fair resolution.

When you have Eric Woods on your side you have an attorney with personal injury jury trial experience. Eric Woods puts the insurance company adjuster on notice that his client will accept only full and fair compensation, and that if a fair offer is not made the case will be pursued to a verdict or as far as required.

There are a number of decisions that need to be made promptly and that may affect your ability to recover full compensation. Injuries to the back and neck, broken limbs, and particularly head trauma of any kind require immediate medical attention not only to protect your health, but to protect your legal rights. It’s important that you get the treatment you deserve from the best available specialist. Injured parties should be in complete control of the doctors and specialists they see, not insurance companies. Your right to recover sufficient compensation to cover all present and future medical costs can be affected by the decisions that are made early on, such as what kind of treatment is sought or obtained.

Las Vegas Injury Attorney | Eric H. Woods

Personal injury lawyer Eric Woods works exclusively with individuals who have suffered an injury in an auto accident, truck wreck, workplace mishap, dog bite, any other personal injury. In over thirty years of dealing with insurance companies, Eric knows their tactics. When the future of your physical and financial health rests in the hands of others, it’s vital you have the most effective and compassionate help available. Call Eric H. Woods for a free consultation and let him assist you in your full recovery.

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